Services (Page II)

Death & Bereavement

While the stages of bereavement of the death of a loved one, friend or even a pet is the same throughout human nature.  The problem is, people get stuck in one or the other of their stages and don't get to a place of acceptance.  Let us help you pass naturally through the stages so that you do not "gloss over" or get stuck in one of them to the detriment of the rest of your life and the lives of others who care about you.

Coaching for Disabilities

I am an amputee.  I was told that I would never walk again in my life because my "good" foot was mangled and twisted.  I got myself out of the wheelchair and became a Nastar, Gold Medal Slalom Skier, a Master Diver Trainer for PADI, a 6th Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate Do and much more.  Let me help you achieve the correct attitude for realistic risk-taking in order to stretch the abilities you already have.

Post Cancer Survivorship

I had a lymphatic cancer in 1986.  I was given a 3 month prognosis (death sentence) by my doctor.  At first I was horrified and shocked into making out my Will and getting other paperwork into order.  Then I called Bernie Segal at Yale and he came to see me and help me develop a mental visualization to fight the cancer along with the chemotherapy.  I beat cancer and love life.  Do You?  Have you gotten the life back you deserve?

Care-Giver Coaching

While there is number of common elements between Stress Management and Care-Giver burnout, the particular characteristics of a Care-Giver makes these persons particularly susceptible to a host of disappointments and personal wounding.  This Type of person (see the Myers Briggs test) has not yet been able to develop a new approach to the way they see patients or clients.  We can guide you onto a new approach and emotional "view" of your work.

Parenting Issues

As a Former Certified Family Life Educator of the National Council on Family Relations, I taught courses on parenting.  This curriculum is standardized for Teaching but does not replace psychotherapy or Family Therapy.  As a Certified Life Coach I can help you to develop a parenting style that fits your personality but also is appropriate for the age of your child or children.  Ask to be coached in this area if you are experiencing difficulty raising your child(ren).

Spirituality Issues Coaching

I was a Chaplain for the State of Connecticut from 1970 through 1972, and am a Certified Pastoral Counselor of the AAPC.  As part of my duties and based upon my former training, I had to be able to be fluent in a number of religious belief systems.  But, I led and practiced a Christian Ministry as I counseled patients and also conducted the Sunday Service at the Chapel.  Let me help you with your path, diversely religious (Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, etc.) or concerns about your spiritual journey.