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Role Confusion or Diffusion

Some of us suffer from an inability to define what we want in life.  (Some of this is based on historical issues and requires psychotherapy. )  For others, Role Confusion is the result of a wide "renaissance" interest in many things.  There is no clinical issue here, rather, you need to find how to create a "selection by matching" list with our help.  Then we can help you focus on the most important things to achieve and find the tools with which to achieve these "targeted" items. 

Stress Management

All of us experience Stress.  It is a daily occurrence in one way or another.  However, the results of building stress without a way to manage it, produces a mounting build up of adrenaline, and other chemicals which harm the body and mind when there is too much of them.  All kinds of illnesses can result as well as a collapse of health known as "burnout."  One can actually die from burnout.  It is serious.  We will teach you how to prevent burnout and reduce stress.

Anger Management

We all have a God-given (natural) right to feel:  Love, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hate, Sexuality and more.  Anger management is required when you have a tendency to use your feelings in a destructive way that damages work relationships, gets you fired, hurts friends who distance from you, and destroys relations with significant others because you hurt them either physically or emotionally in ways that are just not forgivable.  We can help you to learn how to express anger properly.

Confidence Coaching

Many, many wishes, hopes and desires have been lost due to a low sense of self confidence.  Many times you may be ready to achieve something, ask someone out for a date, ask for a raise, take a better position in your company or something else that requires confidence in yourself and you give up right before taking that necessary next move.  Let up help you build up stronger and more effective levels of self confidence so that "putting yourself out there" becomes  easier and you can actually achieve things that you want.

Career Coaching

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service but don't know what to do next? Are you dissatisfied with your current career position but feel stuck in that position .  Would you like to find a job or new job but have tried out hiring-sites or want ads or sent your resume to companies only to get immediate refusals?  Do you feel like you are wasting time but don't see any way out?  Is your self-owned company failing after you've tried many forms of marketing?  Let us show you ways to succeed.

Relationship Coaching

All of us have had good times in relationships and sometimes, very bad moments or even a lifetime of difficulty with relationships.  Do you struggle far too much to make friends or have serious relationships with a significant other?  Believe it or not, relating is not easy for many people and as an example of failing relationships, the divorce rate in the USA is 50% with fewer and fewer couples even getting married.  Arguments are hurtful and resentments can build to hateful proportions.  Let us help you learn the skills.